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Why did I create this site?

and who is it for?

My wife and I love juicing so much. Every time I go to our kitchen and I see our silver slow juicer from Omega, I shamelessly get excited.

I used to buy juices when I’m in the mall because it just feels refreshing to me. Everything changed when we decided to get our first juicer (it’s BJE200XL from Breville if you’re curious). A whole new world actually opened up.

We got our friends to get into the same vibe as well. It was fun exchanging recipes, but we all had some healthy disagreements when it comes to the actual juicers. The more of our other friends got involved, the more it got confusing.

That’s when I thought that the more options we have when it comes to juicers, the harder it can get to choose the right one. So I decided to create this site together with my wife and friends, to spare you a headache and to get you up to speed to juicing!

Some people are fortunate enough to get some solid recommendations from their family or friends on which product model to buy. Most of the time, the product recommend would always seem great at the beginning. As you continue to use it, you’d often learn that it’s not exactly what you need.

You might come to realize that the features you really want are lacking. On the other hand, you might think that what you bought for a high price tag ended up to have some features you don’t actually want.

This is site is for people who wanted to buy the right juicers that suit their needs. Whether you’re planning to buy your very first juicer or are looking to upgrade your current unit, the reviews we have here will help you arrive at a decision that you will definitely satisfy you.

Researching online is time-consuming and is quite a pain. Reading Amazon reviews may seem to be helpful, but most of the time it makes the buying decision more confusing.

This is what The Juice Authority is trying to solve for you. Each product recommendation and review articles here are organized in such a way that you won’t feel bogged down after reading them. In fact, you’ll feel relieved and excited, knowing that you will be able to make an intelligent decision soon after.

The Juice Authority and its Mission

The Juice Authority provides a list of recommendations in the form of Best-of posts as well as detailed review articles for individual products.

We don’t only recommend products but also provide guides on how to maintain your juicers, and articles that will help you improve your juicing experience.

This is why we would recommend that you subscribe to our mailing list. Aside from these juicing articles, we’ll also be regularly sending out the best juicing recipes on the planet.

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