Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice Daily

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If you want to consistently hit your health goals, there’s no better way to do it than with a green juice.

When you drink vegetable juice daily, you get to experience amazing health benefits immediately. Its effects are long term too. The number of nutrients you get from a veggie juice are so many that you’ll need to take more than a handful of different supplements to match it.

When you eat your veggie, you’ll need to chew and digest it first. Almost the same goes for supplements minus the chewing. Juices, on the other hand, are easily absorbed by the body, almost effortlessly.

Best of all, it’s so easy to make these days. With a good juicer specifically designed for veggies like the slow juicers from Omega, all you need to do is drop your spinach or kale.

A glass of vegetable juice is packed with lots of nutrients. Find out the actual benefits you get from these nutrients in the next section. You’ll also discover when is the best time to drink your green juice and the one caveat that every vegetable juice has.

Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice Daily

Like a glass of green juice, this article is also packed, but with information instead. You need not look any further as we present to you this ultimate list of benefits you’ll get from drinking vegetable juice daily.

Boosts Immune System

Vegetable juice is usually loaded vitamin C. This vitamin is popular for its role in supporting our immune system, shielding us from viruses that can cause illness and disease. It also helps in the growth and repair of our tissues. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes are rich in vitamin C.

You can always take a vitamin C supplement but wouldn’t it be better to drink a green juice instead? It gets absorbed easily and has other vitamins and minerals as well. Plus, it’s a lot easier to chug a juice made with these than eat them in large amounts.

Makes the Skin Healthy

Antioxidants can clear up your skin and make it glow. Vegetable juice with celery or spinach is loaded with antioxidants. They also have vitamin A which are very effective in treating acne problems.

With vitamin C, your damaged skin tissues due to acne or other skin problems are repaired easily. It helps prevent the onset of acne scars. Healthy skin starts from the inside and is further improved and emphasized with what you apply outside.

Improves Circulation

A poor blood circulation causes a lot of health issues including diabetes, heart problems, and obesity. Even if you’ve been eating a lot of healthy foods, you need the nutrients to circulate your body properly and reach every tissue.

Spinach juice is a great way to boost your potassium levels, which greatly help in circulation.

Mood Enhancer

B vitamins are experts in boosting our mood. They help relax the nervous system and make your mood stable. No sudden highs and lows, but a sweet and peaceful calm.

Leafy veggies such as spinach and kale are abundant with these. Incidentally, they are also rich in vitamin C, the master in keeping cortisol (stress hormone) levels low.

Improves Sleep

There are many factors that lead to sleep deficiency. Whether you already have insomnia or just having a hard time getting to sleep on certain days, the most common reason that leads to this is stress. A nervous system that remains to be active at bedtime will keep you awake.

When you’re regularly drinking a vegetable juice, you become less stressed which results in sleeping soundly and deeply.

Slows Down Aging

Everybody ages at a different rate but you can always slow down yours with juicing. Every day we are exposed to a lot of stuff that makes us age faster. From pollution to unhealthy foods to stressors at work.

You need to shield yourself from the oxidative damages that ensue. Recent studies suggest this oxidative damage can also cause diabetes and cancer.

Green juices are filled with antioxidants that protect you from these, making you look younger than your actual age.

Keeps You Hydrated

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will help to keep your body hydrated, but frankly, no one really takes count. If you want to be sure that your body is properly hydrated, it’s best to drink juices that have cucumber as part of the ingredients.

Another great reason for adding cucumber to your vegetable juice is that it helps to tone down the strong taste of other leafy greens.

Promotes Hair Growth

This is one of the miraculous benefits when you drink your green juice daily, especially if the reason for your thinning hair is vitamin A deficiency. Lack of vitamin A causes each strand of your hair to become brittle, which makes them fall out easily.

Any green juice with celery and carrot works great not only in promoting hair growth but in making your hair look healthy and shiny as well.

Alkalizes the Body

A body that is too acidic is a breeding ground to a variety of health issues. You get tired easily, you experience bloating and indigestion, and you easily get stressed out. Too much acidity leads to acidosis which causes even more debilitating issues.

Cucumber or spinach can help balance your pH levels. Cooking them reduces their alkalinity so it’s best to get them fresh. What better way to do it than with drinking vegetable juice on a daily basis.

Workout Enhancers

One of the great reasons that green juice is effective for weight loss and toning your muscles is its ability to help you maintain consistency in your training. Vegetable juices which include spinach can help with muscle recovery after a strenuous exercise. Beets, on the other hand, are great in boosting your endurance, allowing you to add more repetitions.

If you train or go to the gym every day, it’s only natural that you should be taking vegetable juice every day as well.

Improves Digestive Health

Your gut is not only responsible for your digestion but its condition affects your overall health as well. When your gut is healthy, you don’t get colds easily, you are always in a good mood, and your bowel movements are easy and regular.

Vegetable juice gives your gut some time-off in breaking down foods. Drinking green juice with broccoli as part of the ingredient can help improve gut barrier function and promote the flourishing of good bacteria.

Improves Mental Health

When you continue drinking veggie juice daily, you get the benefit of improved mental health. You’ll have sharper memory and you’ll make very sound decisions. It might sound too magical but it’s actually true. As a matter of fact, most people experience feeling high when they start their morning with a glass of green juice.

Vegetable juice is rich in antioxidants that help clear neural pathways. As a result, it improves your memory function, concentration, and even cure Alzheimer’s.

Energizes the Body and Mind

Low magnesium levels are one of the most common sources of physical and mental fatigue, aside from stress and dehydration. Magnesium is responsible for converting glucose into energy. The energizing effect of green juice can last longer than coffee.

A combination of kale, celery, and spinach in your vegetable juice energizes the brain and fills you up with energy all day long.

Detoxifies the Body

We’re always exposed to elements that raise toxins in our body. They’re not necessarily fatal, but over time they can accumulate to something big and mess up our body. Fortunately, green juice is a master of detoxification.

You don’t have to go through a 7-day juice cleanse to detoxify your body. When you drink vegetable juice every day, you also get the same detoxification benefits in the long run.

Prevents Chronic Illnesses

My most favorite benefit of vegetable juice is that helps reduce the risks of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Armed with this knowledge, you worry less which also helps ensure a healthy future. As a matter of fact, they can even help cure them if combined with proper diet and exercise.

As you already know, vegetables are packed with antioxidants. You get several times more antioxidants with a veggie juice than eating a salad every day.

Best Time To Drink Vegetable Juice

The most ideal time to drink vegetable juice is in the morning before you have your breakfast. The reason is that your stomach needs to be empty. Morning is the time of the day when it is truly empty.

Your gut won’t have anything in the way when it starts absorbing the nutrients, so you get to experience the results immediately.

If you’re not an early riser, you can always make your green juice at night and store it in a mason jar. It can stay fresh for as long as 72 hours if you keep in the fridge and you used a masticating juicer. You can chug it in the morning after you wake up so you can have the right energy and mood to start your day right.

Even if you don’t have time to drink your vegetable juice in the morning, at least drink it before any meal.

The One Caveat You Should Know

The most optimal way to reap the benefits of drinking green juice every day is to know what it cannot do as well. That way you can easily compensate it with other approaches.

A juicer is designed to fully extract juices from any ingredient. Masticating type of juicers is the most efficient because they can extract twice as much juice from the same amount of veggie, like celery for instance. As evidence, the discarded pulp is extremely dry.

However, the pulp is where the insoluble fiber is. Vegetable juice does not contain this type of fiber.

If you have GI distress, this is very helpful as your gut wouldn’t have a tough time with the fibers. You won’t get bloated easily or experience any discomfort usually associated with high-fiber meals.

However, if you have problems with your bowel movement, it’s best to up your fiber intake from foods such as beans and nuts.

Wrapping It Up

Drinking vegetable juice daily allows you to achieve your health goals quickly especially if you make it yourself. You can pick the ingredients based on the nutrients you need. It’s like creating a concoction for your very own elixir or gummy berry juice!

Reap these benefits now, by getting yourself a good juicer like Omega NC900HDC. Check our list of recipes here and start your boosting your health as early as tomorrow morning.

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