Can Juicing Cure Anxiety?

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Anxiety is such a debilitating condition. The best-known option to combat this is to get help from an expert. But did you know that juicing can cure anxiety as well?

It goes well with the treatment you get from your specialist, improving your condition faster and more consistently. You can eventually let go of your meds if you decide to add juicing to your healthy lifestyle.

This condition is a serious matter. It usually starts with stress and elevates to anxiety and depression.

As a matter of fact, in August 2018 Barnes & Noble announced a 25% increase in sales of books about anxiety last June 2017. Whether people are buying this to understand and help their loved ones or for themselves, there’s no denying that this condition is affecting a large number of our population these days.

So if you’ve been asking if juicing can cure anxiety, my big resounding answer is yes. But don’t just take my word for it. Read further and learn how can this natural and easy approach lifts the dark clouds permanently.

In the later sections, you’ll also find 3 great, easy to make juice recipes to help you get started quickly. And if you have your own Breville juicer, it’ll make the process a whole lot easier.

Can Juicing Cure Anxiety?

Most people think that anxiety is only caused by external factors. From heavy traffic to planning your dinner to even getting ready for your vacation, our life is littered with stressful events that degrade our state of happiness.

But did you know that this is just the tip of the iceberg?

Our chemical composition plays a major part in our state of being. The main culprit is a steroid hormone called cortisol. It causes anxiety and depression when it reaches high levels.

Cortisol is actually designed to help our body cope with dangerous situations. It is released by our body when it receives signals that something threatens our existence. It boosts our energy in these situations and gives us the well-known adrenaline power to save us from danger.

However, it has no means of identifying what is truly life-threatening or not. When we breakdown to stressful situations such as managing our bills, cortisol is released, causing anxiety and depression instead.

As you begin to stay in this state of anxiousness most of the time, your body becomes vulnerable to infections and disease.

Fortunately, cortisol can be controlled naturally with juicing.

In fact, juicing is the most effective and most efficient way to prevent cortisol levels from rising. This is the secret behind its ability to cure anxiety.

Nutrients from juices are easily absorbed by the body because it doesn’t have to break it down anymore. Your digestive system no longer needs to extract the nutrients as it’s already been done by your juicer.

A juicer such as Omega NC900HDC can effectively extract large amounts of juices, and therefore nutrients, from the ingredients.

And because it’s easily absorbed, the beneficial effects are nearly instantaneous.

However, you’ll need to use the right veggies and fruits which contain the vitamins and mineral that level down your stress and anxiety.

Here are the nutrients that can definitely help in curing anxiety:

  • B Vitamins as Mood Boosters

Thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), biotin (B7), and folic acid (B9) are just half of what constitutes the entire group of B vitamins that provides a cure to anxiety.

Fortunately, they’re not hard to come by since they’re readily found in most fruits and vegetables like bananas, apples, oranges, and avocados. They’re also abundant in green leafy veggies spinach and kale.

B vitamins are natural mood enhancers. They calm the nervous system and stabilize your mood. These vitamins are responsible for controlling cortisol levels on your body.

So if you’re lacking in these, your cortisol levels can rise up quickly even at the slightest stressful situation.

  • Magnesium as Natural Relaxants

This powerful mineral is very important in maintaining your nerve health and muscle functioning. If B vitamins enhance the mood, magnesium relaxes both the muscle and nerves.

It decreases the effect of fear, irritability, and restlessness by releasing the tension in your body. That’s why it not only helps to cure your condition but also helps in improving sleep. Remember that when you lack sleep, the smallest incident can get you irritated quickly.

If you have magnesium-deficiency, you get stressed easily and you experience anxiety consistently.

You can find high levels of magnesium in leafy veggies such as spinach and kale. It’s also abundant in tomatoes, carrots, onions, and even citrus fruits.

  • Vitamin C as Cortisol Regulators

Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant, but its benefits don’t stop there. It can also play a major role in combating anxiety and depression.

In a study published by Psychology Today, German researchers have found out that people lacking in vitamin C exhibited elevated levels of cortisol and high blood pressure when exposed to a stressful situation — public speaking combined with math problems.

As you’ve learned earlier, cortisol naturally rises in “flight or fight” situations, whether they’re real or not. We cannot completely remove this reaction from our system, but a healthy amount of vitamin C can prevent its production from going overboard.

Vitamin C can cure your condition by quickly clearing out significant amounts of cortisol levels in our bloodstream.

Aside from being abundant in citrus fruits such as oranges, they can also be found in watermelon, cabbage, and squash.

Combining the right ingredients in making your juice will definitely yield amazing results in improving your mood. In the next section, you’ll learn 3 easy juice recipes that will not only cure your anxiety but will improve your overall health as well.

Recipe for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Miracle Magnesium Anti-Anxiety Juice


  • 1 cup kale/spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp organic honey
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao powder

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This juice is rich in magnesium and B vitamins. Drinking this daily will help to improve your mood and prevent you from being stressed easily.

If you’re using a blender, you can add all the ingredients, but if you have a juicer, you can go bare and just use the leafy greens and banana.

Anti-Anxiety Juice Recipe


  • 2 carrots (small)
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 cup of leafy greens (preferably spinach or kale)
  • 2 apples for sweetness
  • half a lemon
  • 2-4 sprigs of fresh lavender flowers

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Lavender flowers are safe to eat. Although they’re popular as oils, the flowers are actually edible since it’s primarily an herb. You can still reap the benefits of this juice even without the lavender flowers, though.

If you’re quite worried about the sugar content, you can always reduce the carrots and apples to just 1 of each.

Mood and Energy Booster Juice


  • 3 apples
  • 6 stalks celery
  • 1-2 inches fresh ginger root
  • 4 cups packed spinach
  • 1 lemon, peeled

Courtesy of: NaturalLifestyleClub

The combination of these ingredients will give you a significant amount of magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. It’s a great mood booster that will help keep you calm throughout the day.

Aside from soothing your nerves, you also get to have a significant boost in energy. This will help you easily and calmly handle stressful situations throughout the day.

Wrapping It Up

Even if anxiety is such a widespread condition, there are several ways to combat it including visits to your specialist, regular therapy, meds and supplements, and a healthy diet. Juicing is one of your best options and combines easily with the other solutions.

If you want an immediate effect and a more holistic approach, you should go with making your own juices. Juicing can cure anxiety fast with the right ingredients as the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Be sure to check our recommendations of the best juicers today and keep yourself from getting stressed out in choosing the right one.

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