Difference Between Omega Juicer J8008C and J8006

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In your quest to find the best juicer, you have discovered that Omega has two very popular models, the J8008C and J8006. You may be wondering what features make them stand out among the rest. But more importantly, what is really the difference between Omega Juicer J8008C and J8006?

If you have narrowed down your choice to either of these two, then it’s time to determine who among them will win your vote. They are very identical but the differences we’re going to reveal will definitely help you make your final decision.

Read further as we discuss the features and benefits of these juicers. We will also be talking about why one is better than the other, and most especially which of these two is best suited for your needs.

Omega J8006 and J8008C

Comparison Chart

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Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer Creates Continuous Fresh Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Juice at 80 Revolutions per Minute High Juice Yield, 150-Watt, Silver
514F37smDbL. SL500
Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition System Creates Fruit Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice Quiet Motor Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction Automatic Pulp Ejection, 200-Watt, Metallic

What Can These Omega Juicers Both Do?

To put things into perspective, it’s best to expand on how these features actually benefit you with creating your juices. This will also give you a better understanding of why these models are very popular with the juicing community.

Perfect With Juicing Leafy Greens

One of the major gripes of most people who already have experiences with juicers is with juicing green leafy veggies. Most centrifugal juicers perform badly when it comes to this functionality. And while others do perform better, masticating juicers still beats them hands down.

But even with masticating juicers, not all of them are able to do it very efficiently. In the juicing world, efficiency means higher juice yield or very dry pulp. If you’re going to create green juices more often, then you’ve made the right decision in narrowing down your choice to these two.

The J8006 and J8008C are designed to make their gears produce a torque equivalent to 2HP, as it slowly turns at a speed of 80 RPM. The powerful force is able to break down fruits and veggies and extract every ounce of juice from it. Because it doesn’t turn at an extreme speed, even lightweight ingredients such as kale are not thrown away.

Operates Very Quietly

The very slow speed of 80 RPM allows these 2 models to produce virtually no motor sound at all, especially compared with their centrifugal counterparts. It is actually quiet enough to operate while having a conversation in the kitchen.

This is especially helpful to those who have household members who are sensitive to noise. With such a low noise operation, you should be able to create juice at any time of the day. This definitely saves you from the worries of disturbing others, especially if the only time you have is very early in the morning or late at night.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning your juicer is an essential part of the entire juicing process. It is a practice that should be done immediately after using it. This is for sanitary reasons and to keep you from the frustration of cleaning it afterward. Cleaning dried up veggie and fruit bits is such a nightmare because they stick like glue.

Cleaning up any of these two juicers is such a breeze, that it’ll only take you around 5 minutes to complete. With proficiency, some people are able to do it in 2 minutes. This is because the parts that need to be washed can be disassembled very easily with a quick twist.

Each of the units comes with a cleaning brush. Depending on the ingredients you used, you will most likely have to rinse the parts with running water only. There is minimal effort involved especially if you do it as soon as you finish making your juices, preferably while allowing them to settle for a bit.

Includes Free Attachments For Additional Functions

The manufacturer knows that the power of these juicing machines should be maximized. They included a number of additional attachments for these units so you can use it for other functions.

You can switch these extra parts to create homemade pasta noodles or breadsticks. The motor is powerful enough to even grind coffee beans or nuts for nut butter. You can also make baby food with these juicers.

Even if this is not the main reason you’re going to buy them, it’s still a big plus knowing that you can use them for other kitchen purposes.

Warranty Period Longer Than Other Brands

Warranty is a factor that becomes essential to consider when the cost of what you’re going to purchase is more than a hundred bucks. This is especially true for masticating juicers like J8006 and J8008C.

Although both of these are commercial grade products, it is important to know that you’ll get seamless support if something breaks down. Fortunately, the Omega brand understands this and provides a 15-year warranty for each of these 2 products.

This proves that the manufacturer really stands behind their products. They are confident enough that the products are durable enough to have a warranty period this long, or they’ll end up losing a lot due to claims.

Claiming the warranty is easy as you only need to call them or reach out through email. You only need to prove that you actually own the registered product, then provide them with some pictures and description of the issue. They will send you a replacement free of charge.

Omega Juicer 8004 vs 8006: The Deciding Factors

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514F37smDbL. SL500

Highlighting the benefits you’ll get from choosing any of these Omega juicer models certainly proves that you have picked 2 of the best masticating juicers. It’s now time to focus on their main differences. If you didn’t get the chance to notice it on the table earlier, it’s the color options and the price.

J8008C has only one color available, which is white. On the other hand, J8006 has several color options to choose from. The choices include Aqua Blue, Chrome, Grape Purple, Green, Pink, etc.

J8006 is the more expensive version of the two. Depending on the current pricing, J8008C is usually 50 bucks cheaper than J8006. Aesthetics is what made J8006 pricier. Chrome definitely looks more sleek than white.

If you’re want to buy an effective and durable juicer based on its functionality, J8008C is the recommended choice. It is cheaper and performs just as great as J8006.

If you want a sleeker and gorgeous looking juicer, then you should go for J8006. You can choose from the 8 available colors and match it with your kitchen’s color scheme. A lot of buyers love the chrome color because of its high-end looks.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing a higher-priced item based on aesthetics is actually nothing new to most of us. If you have the money to shell out, wouldn’t you be more inclined to get the fancier looking TV? That’s exactly the same thing with these two juicers.

The difference between Omega Juicer J8008C and J8006 can be subtle to some but to most buyers, they are very important buying factors. It’s not every day that you spend more than 200 bucks for a kitchen appliance, even if you know it’s an essential purchase.

There are also other great products from this same brand. Check our list of our most recommended Omega Juicers this year.

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