Hangover Fix Juice Recipe (When You Had Too Many Shots)

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Having a hangover is such a dreadful experience. Most of us would end up swearing not to drink again because of a hangover. Most of us don’t end up keeping the promise, though.

It doesn’t matter if you had too many or if the mix didn’t go well, a hangover is a hangover and it’s quite a torture. There are different ways to cure a hangover but the most effective remains to be the most natural as well.

In essence, you need to rehydrate. Of course, you can drink lots of water but I don’t think your body can take too much water during this time. The best way to do it is to drink small amounts of fluid that can quickly hydrate you. The Hangover Fix Juice Recipe here is very effective in doing this.

What Causes Hangover?

There are so many debates among scientists and experts, even to this day, on what causes a hangover. Perhaps, the most common reason is dehydration.

Drinking lots of alcohol causes us to urinate more often. I believe this is also the reason most of us always end up having too many drinks. We urinate more than usual then end up feeling thirsty, so we drink more.

Dehydration is a serious issue. It’s like taking away what actually makes up most of your body. According to USGS, an adult human body is composed of up to 60% water. No wonder we feel dizzy and weak when we’re going through a hangover fit. That nasty headache is actually caused by dehydration.

Aside from dehydration, your stomach becomes irritated which often leads to vomiting and nausea. Production of stomach acids goes overtime when you consume alcohol. These acids are what actually irritates the stomach.

The loss of B vitamins and electrolytes is also another major contributing factor of a hangover. That is why energy drinks like Gatorade are so popular in colleges. They worked for me too way back then, but once you go natural with juices your body will quickly relearn absorbing natural ingredients better.

Hangover Fix Juice Recipe

This is another easy to make juice recipe. I advise on buying the ingredients beforehand since you don’t want to be driving around the grocery feeling nauseated.

Another thing you need to consider is the type of juicer you currently have. A centrifugal juicer may help you make the juice faster, but the noise is going to be very unbearable when you’re having a hangover. So it’s best to do it the night before and store your juice for use the next day.

If you have one of the best masticating juicer models that we recommend, then you can certainly make the juice in the morning after. In fact, I highly recommend this so that the juice is very fresh when you drink it. Be sure to cut the ingredients the day before, though. Cutting the ingredients while you’re nauseated is a big no-no.


  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 oz. coconut water
  • 1 lemon, peeled
  • 1 green apple

How Does This Juice Cure Hangover?

This Hangover Juice Recipe targets the 3 major effects of too much alcohol intake. It helps to rehydrate, restores the loss of B vitamins and other nutrients, and soothes stomach irritation. Drinking this juice will help jumpstart you into feeling better again.


Cucumber for Hangover

Cucumber is the answer to dehydration. Its water content together with electrolytes and B vitamins helps replenish the water loss in heavy drinking. It is the original Gatorade found in nature. In fact, it’s so effective that if you munch on cucumber sticks while drinking you’re most likely to feel normal the day after.

Not everyone can munch on cucumber sticks while drinking. Even if you can, it certainly doesn’t go well with any type of alcohol. That’s why this is best taken as part of this juice recipe. You’ll feel immediately refreshed as soon as you drink any juice with a cucumber in it. Just imagine the feeling when you’re dehydrated.


Coconut for Hangover

Coconut is often called the miracle fruit. Unless you’re living in the tropics, this is not very easy to come by. I’ve been through the streets of Manila and believe me, they’re so accessible you’ll see vendors on the street pushing their cart filled with coconuts. Fortunately, processed versions can be bought in grocery stores as well.

The processed version will naturally have more sugar in it, which is why about 3 oz of coconut water should be enough for this juice recipe. You don’t want to be spiking your sugar up when you’re having a hangover. Coconut water contains antioxidants and electrolytes which are essential to returning your system back to normal.


Lemon for Hangover

Remember when I mentioned earlier about your stomach going haywire when you consume too much alcohol? Lemon is the quick fix for this problem. While you’re having a party, the acids in your stomach are having their own party as well.

Adding lemon to this recipe is essential to counter this sudden influx of acids. Lemon contains citric acid which can effectively transform the body’s acidic condition to alkaline. As your body’s PH level is restored, you’ll feel the nausea lessening.


Apple for Hangover

Apple is added to this recipe for energy. The fructose in this fruit will give you the boost you need. It also effectively hydrates the body and restores the nutrients you lost. It is another flavor of nature’s Gatorade, aside from the cucumber.

Recent studies actually show that apple juice works better than Pedialyte in hydrating sick children. It is better absorbed by the body so it yields better and more immediate results.

Wrapping It Up

The best thing about this juice is that you can even drink it before the party. That way you already have a surplus of nutrients even before the alcoholic drinks start to diminish them. Personally, I drink the juice when I was about to leave for the club and then the morning after.

As a final note, this hangover fix juice recipe is for emergency use only, when the party suddenly when out of control. This is not to encourage you to drink booze more often. Happy Juicing!

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