Is Vegetable Juice Good For You?

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Vegetables are packed with nutrients that our body needs to sustain it and keep it healthy and energized. If you just can’t get yourself to munch on these veggies, you can actually drink it. But is vegetable juice good for you? 

The short answer is yes. If veggies are good for you, then veggie juice is good as well. However, this certainly brings up more questions. We are going to answer the most significant ones in this article.

Before we actually proceed, we just would like to remind you that creating a vegetable juice is easier done when you have one of the best juicer machines.

What Makes Veggies Nutritious?

Veggies, and most especially leafy greens, are packed with nutrients that our body needs. Some of these nutrients are already produced by our own body while others are not. Veggies cater to both of these.

Each vegetable is unique with regard to the amount and type of vitamins and minerals it gives. They are so nutritious, though, that eating just one of them can be very beneficial to you.

I’m sure you can easily recall the term chlorophyll from your Biology class. It’s what actually makes the leaves colored green.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in leaves that absorb sunlight. It is essential in photosynthesis, wherein sunlight is converted into chemical components beneficial to plants.

Recent studies show that this same pigment is not only beneficial to plants, but to humans as well. Fortunately, it doesn’t involve us having green-colored skin. Consuming chlorophyll by eating green leafy veggies allows our body to convert it into hemoglobin which helps enrich our blood.

What happens then when we enrich our blood? It gives a wide range of benefits that will get you dizzy just by reading the list. Here is our attempt to produce a shorter version of these benefits.

  • Helps to dissolve toxic facts
  • Detoxifies the body effectively
  • Regulates blood sugar to acceptable levels
  • Speeds up the healing process whether internal or external
  • Helps prevent infections
  • Keeps the skin and hair healthy
  • etc, etc.

Even if we haven’t done justice to listing all the benefits you get, we believe you already have the idea of the seemingly miraculous effect of consuming vegetables.

Vegetables are known to be an alkalizing type of food. They keep the body from becoming too acidic by helping to maintain our pH levels. With balanced pH levels, you will naturally feel healthier because you actually become healthier.

Is Vegetable Juice Good For You?

Why would you drink your vegetable when you can just eat it? It’s a valid question especially to those who actually love eating veggies. But for those who don’t have the stomach do it, the opposite question is valid as well. The most practical approach to understanding if a vegetable juice is good for you is to identify the benefits you get from it. 

Very Friendly To Your Digestive System

Even if you are able to eat a lot of veggies, it doesn’t mean that your body can easily take on them as well. Not all of us can easily digest them easily. It just doesn’t look and feel good if you end up being bloated because of this, and it is equally uncomfortable when you had no choice but to let the gas out.

When you drink vegetable juice instead of eating them, you spare your digestive system from this experience. The nutrients just get absorbed by the intestines and flow into the bloodstream easily. No more bloating no more upset stomach.

You Can Boost Your Amount Of Vegetable Intake

The recommended daily intake is 2.5 to 3 cups of vegetables. Most people are only able to satisfy up to 50% of this recommendation. Honestly, it’s hard to blame ourselves for falling short. With so many amazing foods to eat nowadays, we end up not having to eat up to 3 cups of veggies a day.

Fortunately, vegetable juice can easily solve this. You can create a single juice equivalent to or even more than 3 cups of veggies. It can be way more than you can possibly eat daily, whether raw or cooked veggies. This way, you can still experience your favorite food and get to boost your veggie intake as well.

You Get More Nutrients Compared To Eating Them

Being naturally omnivore, our body is able to extract nutrients from these veggies easily. However, this doesn’t mean that we can extract them just as efficient. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan or not, our body is not as efficient as juicers when it comes to extracting these nutrients.

Juicers like Omega NC900HDC do the chewing and digesting part, and all you have to do is drink up to absorb the nutrients. Did you know that you get more nutrients drinking a cup of carrot juice compared to eating 5 cups of carrots?

Additionally, when we eat veggies we usually couple it with other foods that may be high in calories. In fact, veggies usually end up as side dishes. Drinking green juice keeps them from becoming just side dishes. You end up getting more nutrients compared to eating them.

Vegetables Are Naturally Low In Sugar

Once you get the hang of having a glass of veggie juice, you’ll end up drinking more than once a day. The good thing about these green juices is that they are naturally low in sugar. You can actually have several glasses per day, filling you up with nutritional benefits without the worry of increasing your blood sugar level.

However, there is one caveat with vegetable juice and it’s the lack of fiber. Although this may help with the better and more efficient absorption of nutrients, we all know for a fact that our body needs fiber as well. Fortunately, it’s so easy to remedy this by complementing your juice with a fiber-rich food or adding ground flax or chia seeds to the vegetable juice.

Wrapping It Up

Green juices are becoming popular for a reason. Although you may find most of their nutrients from other foods, the chemical the makes them green in the first place can only be found in leafy greens. As you already know, chlorophyll is a good source of phytochemicals essential in maintaining our health. In fact, recent studies show that it can even help to fight cancer!

So is vegetable juice good for you? Of course, it is! It can help your body receive the nutrients discussed earlier and more really fast. It becomes almost effortless since all you have to do is drink it. No need to munch on them the entire time you’re having lunch.

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