Is Lime Acidic Or Alkaline?

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“Is lime acidic or alkaline?” is a question that most people would like to ask but never get the chance to actually get an answer.

The quick answer is it’s both.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail about the acidity and alkalinity of lime. Additionally, you’ll also gain knowledge about how lime is actually different from a lemon.

While the information may seem trivial to some, having this knowledge can help you create great juices, especially if you have one of these easy-to-clean juicer models.

Composition of A Lime Fruit

There are different variations of lime but they actually look the same. The easiest way to identify a lime fruit is to think of a small orange which is colored green. Orange and lime are cousins, belonging to the same citrus family.

Lime is rich in nutrients. From the peel or the skin to the actual flesh and juice. It is composed of 85% water and constitutes only 35% of the daily recommended Vitamin C value. However, this 35% is big especially considering how most of us eat and drink nowadays.

The peel contains lots of phytochemicals. Our body cannot produce these nutrients and so we can only get them from green leafy veggies and some fruits. Next time you drink a cocktail with lime zest, you know that you’re somehow loading yourself with phytochemicals initially (which goes down the drain when the effects of alcohol sets in).

Is Lime Acidic or Alkaline?

Now is the time to answer the question that leads you here in the first place. Lime is actually both. It is acidic and alkaline as well.

Its natural state is acidic, which is why it gives off a sour smell and tastes sour as well. However, once it enters your body it almost seems to magically change to alkaline. Actually, the change from acidic to alkaline happens once your body starts to metabolize it. So lime is also alkalizing.

It may have a high content of citric acid, but it is definitely overshadowed by the enormous amount of alkaline minerals like potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

These minerals are also present in other fruits, but what makes lime different from them is that it has almost no sugar content at all. The sugar content of almost all other fruits cancels out these alkalizing minerals.

The Difference Between Lime and Lemon

The most obvious and biggest differences between a lemon and lime are the color of the skin, the shape, and the taste. Other than that, they are actually so closely related. Their chemical compositions and more importantly, their benefits are the same.

They are what you may call as paternal twins, they don’t look the same but they are actually twins.

If you end up having to choose between the two, go for the flavor that you like or the one that goes well with what you’re going to cook or eat. Either one of them can help you detoxify your body, stimulate your digestion, and in general, help you stay healthy.

Wrapping It Up

Most of the time, the only way we get to give our body the benefits of lime is when they’re squeezed on our foods or sauces for more flavor. You can, however, make lime water instead of lemon water if you want more of its alkalizing benefits.

To maximize this further, adding lime to your juice recipes can take the benefits you get to higher levels. For instance, lime mixed together with pineapple and ginger can help with upset stomach and muscle pains.

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