Should I Take Vitamins While Juicing?

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Both vitamins and juices are a great way to supply your body with the nutrients that it needs. So if you’ve been asking if you should take vitamins while juicing, you’ll get your answers here.

The nature of this question is all about redundancy.

Since you’re regularly buying ingredients for your juicing lifestyle, cutting back on costs on vitamins is very efficient. This will allow you to spend the money for healthier organic ingredients.

While juicing is very beneficial to our health, it cannot supply on its own all the vitamins that your body needs. Maintaining both could be expensive and might have some setbacks.

Should I Take Vitamins While Juicing?

Taking vitamins and juicing are great sources of the nutrients that your body needs. The sufficient number of vitamins that our bodies need is tailored to being a male or a female and it varies also in age.

There are a lot of vitamins that are available for you but it doesn’t mean you have to take them all by using both approaches.

Does taking more supplements mean getting more?

Some vitamins and juices can give you the same nutrients that you need. Getting too many vitamins can also affect your health negatively.

For example, too much zinc or vitamin C can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea, according to WebMD.

Fat-soluble supplements are what you should especially be wary of. Taking too much of this can lead to overdose. This type of supplement is not easily cleared out by the kidneys, so taking too much of this can be harmful as they accumulate faster.

On the other hand, getting the vitamins from natural means like eating the right foods or making the right juice will not lead to overdose.

When are supplements better than juicing?
Here are some reasons why its better to take vitamins than drink juice:

  • You can’t find the ingredients in your local grocery store
  • There’s not enough time to make juices regularly
  • Your doctor prescribed a specific dosage and brand of vitamin
  • Your juicer does not work well with leafy greens

This does not mean that you’ll be cutting your nutrients short. With the right vitamins, you can still receive the health benefit that you desire.

Remember to be wary of overdose, though, as discussed above. If possible, pick a supplement that’s not fat-soluble.

If you need to take vitamins due to specific physical conditions, you can always consult with your doctor if you can replace them with juicing.

In case the issue with your juicer, masticating juicers like NC9000HDC work well with leafy greens.

Why you should prioritize juicing

Juicing can have a lot of benefits, and the best of them is that it’s all-natural.

One serving of juice can consist of a lot of minerals and vitamins already that you can’t get in one take on other supplements. You can get a lot of nutrients even in just one serving since it is a blend of different fruits and vegetables.

Having the right kind of juice that is suitable for your preferences can beat alone any other vitamin supplements that you might be taking.

Do you want to clear out your acne? How about improving your mood? Perhaps you want to have a better quality of sleep? Using the right ingredients can help you achieve without having to deal with side effects.

With all these said, taking vitamins while juicing can still be considered especially if you’re looking to get a specific type of vitamins.

There are certain vitamins that juices cannot supply to your body. For example, vitamin B12 can only be found on animal meats. That’s why you need to pair juicing with a balanced diet. You cannot live on juicing alone.

You can achieve your target vitamins and minerals with the right mix and match of ingredients. Thus, daily juicing would be perfect when combined with the foods that you eat every day. It’s the right path to a healthy diet.

In the next section, we’ll discuss what vitamins you get with juice cleansing. Will it be harmful if you take vitamins alongside with it?

Vitamins in Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing is a type of diet wherein juices and liquids are the only thing that you’re allowed to take for a certain period.

It typically ranges from 3-10 days.

In the span of 3-days in the process, obvious results can already be seen. This blended juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that give your body extra nutrients to help boost your body’s overall health.

One person’s body is often different from another. In this case, taking vitamins while in a juice cleanse will vary depending on your body’s response to taking both.

Some vitamins need additional and specific substances for you to get the full benefit of it. Taking these kinds of vitamins during a juice cleanse might not be advisable. Or else, you can make some modifications to your blend to reach similar effects of such vitamins.

During a juice cleanse, you allow your body to take in and fully absorb every bit of nutrients included in your juice. Read along as I discuss to you the difference between juice cleansing and drinking juice regularly.

Juice Cleansing VS Drinking Juice Regularly

In juice cleansing, your body gets only the juice and water that you take. Your stomach exerts less effort in digesting. This includes extracting less gas for digestion, leaving the distribution of the nutrients to the juice you drink.

This could be a huge benefit simply because your stomach can take some rest. Not only your stomach but the other organs of your body as well.

On the other hand, as you take juice regularly, it requires your body’s full function. You are still on your daily consumption of foods and other beverages. But with this, a balanced diet could be attained. With the foods that you eat that compliments the juice that you take, great results will surely take place.

Both have a lot of benefits. Considering both in your calendar will surely leave you with remarkable outcomes.

Wrapping It Up

Taking vitamins while juicing is absolutely fine. But you might want to consider other factors that you have seen above for a wiser pick. Often, we ought to think that taking more kinds of supplements is getting more. But if you have the right mix of ingredients for your juice, you’ll get the same if not better results.

If your reason for choosing one over the other is about cutting down on expenses, having a masticating juicer will yield more juices for a lesser amount of ingredients. Check our recommended models here if you want to pick a better one.

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